TUCER team (Technical University of Crete Eco Racing) studies, designs and develops green zero emission urban vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells and/or batteries since 2007, at Technical University of Crete in Chania,Crete.Our team is supported by the Machine Tools Laboratory and the Intelligent Systems & Robotics Laboratory of the School of Production Engineering and Management. The team is set up by professors, research personnel and students; both undergraduates and postgraduates who are thrilled with applied mechanic’s applications and passionate to race and compete. The structure of the team follows a professional team management, organized in smaller groups which cooperate to achieve product optimization of every single part of the vehicle. It should be mentioned that all the members of the team participate voluntarily. Our team participates continuously in Shell Eco Marathon since 2008, and this year it will be the 9th participation. It is also important to mention that TUCer is the only institution of Greece that participates in the urban concept category.


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