TUCer team participated for 9th time in Shell Eco Marathon this year. SEM 2016 took place in London, Great Britain from 30/6 to 3/7. This year's entries, from various institutions around Europe, exceeded 200, whoever TUCer remains the only Greek participant in the Urban Concept category.

Our team presented this year an advanced vehicle, named Spyros Louis in order to honour the great Greek Olympic Marathon winner, aiming to excel in a brand new and extremely demanding route. Significant improvements were made in the vehicle's chasis, which has been re-designed in order to have better response and be safer in race conditions. Also, new energy management systems, that will favor fuel consumption, were installed together with driver's safety devices, one of our greatest targets this year. Specifically, new aerodynamic components have been installed, the powertrain has been massively improved and advanced car and driver status telemetry systems, with live data transferring, have been integrated.

Our persistence in car-driver safety, together with team's organisation rearding safety, impressed the judges, awarding as the Safety Award, for the 3rd time in the last 6 years.