TUCer team participated for 8th time on Shell Eco Marathon in 2015, which took place in Rotterdam from 18/5 to 24/5. Participants on SEM 2015 reached 200 teams, from various institutions all over the world.

With the 2015 results, our team proved its ability to respond to technical problems, to overcome them and to present reliable and fully functional vehicles, able to compete for the best result. So, although the competition was harder and more teams participated, TUCer was able to finish 3 consecutive races, improving last years results and taking 4th place overall, with fuel consumption at 193 km/m3 of hydrogen. It is very important to state that in the first race of our category which took place under rainy conditions, only 3 teams where able to finish, with TUCer ranking first. Urban concept category (Hydrogen Powered City Vehicles), in which we participate, is the thoughest category technically speaking. Indicative is that from the 18 category participants, only 8 where able to finish. TUCer, like every year, presented a new vehicle with reduced weight (lightest car in Urban Concept category), advanced 2 speed gearbox and a new system of energy management.