Our first vehicle (Eco Racer I) was built in 2008. Since then we have developed and constructed the following vehicles: Eco Racer II, ER10, ER11, ER12, ER13, ER14, ER15 and Spyros Louis (2016). Every vehicle is a four-wheeled one-seater electric urban concept car, entirely constructed at the laboratories of Technical University of Crete. It serves the needs of experimentation for problems regarding fuel efficiency and reduction of fuel consumption, road safety and automotive innovations that will be included in our future cars. Except from the educational purposes of the laboratories that serves, it also is a research project targeting the continuous development of cars and the better fuel saving performance. TUCer team participated for the first time in Shell Eco Marathon in May 2008, an international competition with more than 200 institutions. This competition is held already for 25 years and is a point of interest for research about fuel consumption and automotive innovations. Our teams since 2008 participated in every Shell Eco Marathon held throughout Europe, competing in the Urban Concept category.

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